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Tumble Shades

Atlanta Tumble Shades Bring Style And Simplicity For French Doors And Sliding Glass Doors.

There are times when it's tough to get the best window shade to cover a glass door. Having trouble finding the perfect window shade to cover a glass door? It’s difficult to find the best window shade to install on a glass door. Fortunately, you should use a Tumble Shade in Atlanta that is especially created to fit over French doors, half-glass doors, and sliding patio doors. These one-of-a-kind window treatments offer the perfect combination of style and flexibility.

Sunburst's Tumble Shades are seen installed with a curtain rod or hook and loop fasteners over the window opening and come in two different types in Atlanta. The tiered style allows you to raise up the shade at different levels. Or choose the up/down style, which the shade go either all the way open or all the way down.


Tumble Shade Options

White tumble shade on double glass doors

Pick from six shades for your Atlanta Tumble Shade: tan, herringbone, off white, bright white, light gray, and dark gray. Every shade has double thickness which gives greater opacity. An elective blackout layer gives you total opacity for the most privacy.

Tiered Tumble Shades let you to gather the base of the Tumble shade up and select the height at varying levels -- from just off the bottom of the door to the top of the door and at many levels in between. Up/down shades are great for doors that need a lighter window shade. Here you will bring the Tumble Shade to above the door or lowered to the ground for complete coverage.

Tumble Shades have the option to be hung with a curtain rod or with hook & loop fasteners.

Why Use Tumble Shades In Atlanta

Gray rolled tumble shade on a glass door

The soft feel of Tumble Shades gives you a cozy style to any window or door. Our designer fabrics have understated hues that compliment your style without look out of place on the door. These simple-to-use window shades roll up from the base and attach at different levels allowing you a bunch of ways to avoid sun glare while still seeing out. Or bring it all the way up and snug under the top valance.

Tumble Shades are wonderful options that are cost-effective and looks good on every door. Although they won’t have superior light control as a louvered shutter, Tumble Shades aren't cumbersome as blinds, curtains, or other window treatments. There are no cords, wands, or drawstrings that swing or get caught when you open or close the door. And the tiered style brings your doors a functionality that's difficult to find with any other window shade.

close up of white rolled tumble shades


Gray rolled tumble shades in a dining room

Every Tumble Shade comes with a guarantee against all manufacturing defects in material, design, workmanship, and installation for one year. This warranty extends to 2 years when the UV option is used.

Cellular Shade Details

Operation Mechanism

Roll or fold to raise





Curtain rod

Hook & loop


Single layer

Double layer

Additional blackout


6 colors: bright white, off white, herringbone, tan, light gray, and dark gray


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Tumble shades are a great method to install style and light control to your French or sliding glass doors. Discuss your needs with our window treatment professionals to know how a Tumble Shade can help you get privacy without killing your decor. Just phone 404-962-8517 or send in the form below to schedule your free in-home consultation.