Cover Your Beautiful Bay Windows with Bay Window Shutters In Atlanta

Plantation shutters in Atlanta are known for their large louvers and in vogue look. And that’s why bay window shutters in Atlanta are the right shutters for the big, beautiful bay windows in your residence.

We can situate the dividers at any length you desire, allowing you privacy on the lower portion as well as letting light in at the top. With a divider rail in the center and tilt rods on the top and bottom section, you can move the top and bottom individually.

Double-hung shutter panels give you the ability to open the top panels even if the bottom panels are closed. This is a perfect solution when there’s an obstruction in the front of the bay window – or if you don’t want to disrupt your seat cushions or pillows every time you need to let in some air.

How Are Bay Window Shutters Crafted?

We start by measuring the length and width of each segment of your bay window. We sketch how the windows are aligned. Considering that each opening has its own frame, we’ll want to place the shutters right beside each other to create a seamless look.

Bow window shutters 

Then we record whether the windows can be tilted for cleaning – or if they have lever locks. This lets us make sure that, when we return to our store and order your hand-fashioned shutters, they’ll fit around any levers. Using advanced computer technology and custom templates based on your window’s dimensions, we then design and manufacture your bay window shutters, adding your choice of colors and finishes.

Our skilled installers will mount your new shutters for your bay window. During the installation, they’ll ensure the louvers can open so you have a great view and easier cleaning.

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