What Window Treatments To Choose For Your Atlanta Custom-built Home

Dan Taylor

When you’re building a custom home in Atlanta, you seek the best finishes possible, and that includes the window treatments. There’s a reason plantation shutters are a leading choice in window treatments for custom homes in Atlanta. Their functionality and appeal complement interiors of all types and provide you complete command over the sun’s light. With this in mind you are able to quickly fashion an inviting atmosphere and highlight your new home's best features.

Plantation shutters in a model kitchen.

How Do Plantation Shutters Elevate a Custom Home?

When you want to draw attention to your custom home, select window treatments that residents in Atlanta incorporate to add to their home’s style. Plantation shutters synchronize seamlessly with homes of various styles. They are a point of emphasis and garner attention from anyone who may be more familiar with dated curtains and cheap blinds. Their functional yet distinguished aesthetic is all that is needed to create a stunning appearance and ensure a positive influence on visitors.

Plantation shutters are a great window treatment choice for a custom-built home. Their crisp lines and versatile color choices incorporate easily with any interior, so you can confidently ask your builder to include them in any room and not have to worry how they will match once you furnish your home.

Plantation shutters can also be designed to fit both standard windows and windows with specialty shapes, so you can use them in any location and prevent the extra work of implementing numerous window treatment options. You benefit from having a task lifted from your plate as you figure out your remaining home finishes!
Plantation shutters in a model home bedroom.

How Do Plantation Shutters Make It Easy To Direct Sunlight?

Your visitors will appreciate the feel of a sun-splashed home. Even though you’re sure to have beautiful light fixtures to illuminate your custom home, sunlight has unique qualities that give an area a larger appearance or alter its mood.

Unfortunately, natural light is constantly changing. Over the course of a day, the quantity of light entering your new home changes, and you have to alter your window treatments to filter the light accordingly. When searching for window treatments for custom homes in Atlanta, homeowners prefer composite Polywood® and classic wood plantation shutters that let them manage the intensity of sunshine a space gets.

Simply adjust the tilt rod to change the angle of the louvers during hours when windows receive direct sunlight to give a room a more acceptable level of comfort and adjust the louvers again to brighten things up when the sun has shifted to a new location. You might also open the shutter panels for complete sunshine to create an impression of being outdoors and close them again for a cozier feeling.

Modifying the position of the slats also lets you to deflect light. When you tilt the slats up or down, you can illuminate even the darkest corners to make a room seem bigger. You can also shift glaring light away from your visitors’ view and surfaces where reflection occurs without lowering the louvers and eliminating the light altogether. With a gentle movement, you can control the placement and the amount of daylight that radiates in any room for everyone’s comfort.

Get The Top Window Treatments For Your Atlanta Custom Home

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