Top Choices To Black Out Your Windows In Atlanta

Dan Taylor

Mass-produced ”blackout” window coverings advertise complete light control, and will keep your room pitch black, energy-efficient, and private. The problem is, they won’t match your windows exactly as light intrudes along the product’s perimeter. Alternatively, install customized roller shades or Polywood® shutters to black out windows in Atlanta. Your customized roller shades can have a thick, dark pattern or color and will be made for a precise fit to ensure darkness, while interior shutters insulate windows.

Black out shades in a living room 

Custom Roller Shades Keep the Light Out

If you want to black out windows in Atlanta for exceptional light blocking and privacy, install made-to-order room-darkening roller shades. This popular window treatment can be created with a sturdy, non-transparent material with an opaque color or pattern to prevent all sunlight from entering.  If you get a custom window covering, your window treatment rep will measure your windows and order shades that are an exact fit for your opening so that there is little to no gapping. When you pull down your treatments, they will totally cover the window opening and keep the exterior light from entering.

Upgrading to made-to-order room darkening roller shades will assist with insulation as well. A dark color and precision fit are great in blocking out excess heat and those cold drafts. You will appreciate feeling warmer in during the wintertime and more tolerable in summer with your new roller shades, and you could see money savings on utility bills.

Roller shades look good too. The phrase “blackout” doesn’t apply to the color of the shade. These window treatments are available in colors ranging from black to white in many attractive styles and patterns. ”Blackout” fabric is thick enough to block out light. Blackout roller shades are a fashionable way to impede the sun’s rays if you need dark for resting, watching TV, or to maintain the desired comfort levels.

Plantation shutters in a living room

Plantation Shutters Are Energy-Efficient

Many homeowners are interested in enhancing their window coverings in Atlanta to improve efficiency. Blocking warm sunlight and cold drafts that invades through your windows keeps your rooms at the right temperature and energy bills low. Blackout blinds and window shades composed of dense, heavier materials will help to an extent, but Polywood® shutters will enhance your home even more. They utilize weatherstripping along all borders that insulates windows better than alternative window coverings. When you close your shutters shutters, this insulating system keeps out summer’s heat and winter’s cold. Your heating and cooling equipment will get a bit of a break, and your property stays comfortable without a high utility bill.

Interior shutters can also be used to block light. They can’t get tangled with a simple nudge or bump like traditional blinds or curtains due to their solid construction. All panels are customized for a precision fit within your window. They leave minimal gaps at the bottom or sides for light to sneak through like you typically find with ready-made shades and blinds. The slats are also crafted to lay close against one another and allow just a shred of exterior light when you close them.

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