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Pros and Cons of Faux Wood Plantation Shutters In Atlanta

January 14, 2020

Custom-fitted faux wood plantation shutters may seem appealing, but it’s sometimes tough to make a decision without evaluating the issue from every angle. So, what are the pros and cons of faux wood plantation shutters in Atlanta?

Pro: Faux Wood Plantation Shutters Work Beautifully In Multiple Design Schemes

Airy sunroom with plantation shutters in Atlanta.

Plantation shutters feature louvers that move up and down, usually by a center tilt rod. People have used plantation shutters for ages to help regulate sun glare and airflow. They have been used in almost every type of design, from ultra-spartan minimalism to traditional designs. Their practicality, simple lines, and neutral appearance help you transform your home from an outdated one to one that is more current.

The ability of shutters to conform to any type of décor is particularly evident when they are crafted from faux wood. Unlike aluminum blinds that will yellow and crack as they age, faux wood shutters last a lifetime. So when you update your rooms and revamp furniture, flooring, paint, and lighting fixtures, you won’t have to worry about the additional expense of new window treatments.

When considering the pros and cons of faux wood plantation shutters in Atlanta, you should definitely add flexibility to the “pro” column.

Con: Faux Wood Plantation Shutters Are Slightly More Expensive Than Aluminum Blinds

When comparing custom-made faux wood shutters to other window treatments — particularly those from chain home improvement stores — you’ll likely see that plantation shutters are a little bit more expensive. At the outset, you might be inclined to count that as an automatic con.

But, quality plantation shutters, like our Polywood® shutters, are more expensive because you get so much more out of them. The durability of faux wood means that your plantation shutters will last a lifetime. They are guaranteed to be moisture-, pest-, and fire-resistant, and will never become warped, cracked, or yellowed. In fact, Polywood shutters have a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship — a guarantee you won’t see on cheaper window treatments.

With the cost of our plantation shutters, you also purchase a layer of energy efficiency that is characteristic of the treatment. Just close the shutter louvers and you’ll block the heat loss that naturally happens with your glass windows. This maintains a constant temperature in your home and helps your thermostat keep up with the weather. Our Polywood shutters even go one step further with an added layer of weather stripping, so you can be sure to get peak energy efficiency.

Pro: Faux Wood Shutters Are Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

Cozy living room with our Polywood shutters in Atlanta.

There’s a good reason that our faux wood Polywood shutters have a reputation as one of the most durable shutters on the market. Our shutters will never fade, yellow, splinter, crack or warp, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty. We ensure your faux wood plantation shutters will be as attractive and energy efficient as they were when first installed on your windows.

Compare that to other treatments, and you’ll have a new appreciation of the workmanship of quality faux wood plantation shutters. other window treatments will lose slats or become impossible to clean over the years. But Polywood plantation shutters will always look attractive until you choose to take them down.

Con: It Can Take 3-6 Weeks To Make Your Plantation Shutters  
White shutters in Atlanta bedroom.

One benefit of buying a DIY window treatment from a home improvement store is that you can put it up immediately after you buy it. However, faux wood plantation shutters are custom-fitted, and it can take several weeks weeks for them to be installed. That may not work if you’re attempting to just slap something up to cover your naked windows.

But having your shutters custom-fitted is worth the wait. Unless your house is a new build, your window may not be 100% square. Therefore, a DIY treatment won’t line up properly, and those gaps and slight imperfections may be evident. A custom-crafted plantation shutter will be crafted to the exact dimensions and will fit right up against the window frame, meaning you won’t lose anything in style, functionality or energy efficiency. Also, the custom-made method is the only way to go for your specialty shaped windows.

Pro: Polywood Shutters Are Energy Efficient  

One advantage of plantation shutters is that they help block airflow and prevent heat loss. This keeps your home’s temperature constant and your utility bills down and sets plantation shutters apart from other window treatments. Faux wood shutters are a step up because of the rigid, non-porous composite materials. 

Our Polywood shutters are at the pinnacle of energy efficiency. They add another layer of weather stripping that ensures your louvers lock in tight to prevent heat loss. Consequently, our Polywood plantation shutters are 70% more efficient than hardwood plantation shutters and over 1200% more efficient than aluminum blinds. 

Sunburst Is Your Source For Quality Faux Wood Plantation Shutters 

Now that you know the pros and cons of faux wood plantation shutters, the next step is to call Sunburst Shutters Atlanta. We’ll bring samples of our popular Polywood faux wood plantation shutters, and you ’ll immediately see how they will improve your windows for decades to come. Call 404-962-8517 to set up your in-home consultation.