Perfect Window Treatments For Southern Homes in Georgia

Dan Taylor

Here in Georgia, we take our home fashion fairly seriously, like most southern homeowners. And Southern homes have a few certain needs when it comes to your window treatments.

Atlanta parlor plantation shutters
From keeping your home cool to capturing that inimitable Southern style, here’s all you need to know about choosing a window treatment in the South.

Window Treatments That Keep Homes in the South From Overheating

We all know how warm it can get in Atlanta throughout the summer. And while it can get up to three digit temperatures outside, your house can trap heat inside, forcing your air conditioning to work harder. With a great window treatment, Atlanta homes can stay cool and comfortable regardless of the weather outside. That’s why our number one recommendation for Southern homes is Polywood® plantation shutters.

Polywood shutters help maintain the temperature in your home more effectively than any other window treatment. With their exclusive design and material, Polywood shutters create a window seal, preventing 50% of all temperature flow through your windows. That doesn’t just keep your home comfortable, but it means your air conditioning can work a little less hard to cool your house, saving you on your monthly bills.

Atlanta sunroom indoor shutters

Some Georgia homeowners take it to the limit. It’s not rare to see homes here double-up on energy efficiency by using multiple window treatments. For example, solar window film can reflect intense UV light, decreasing solar heat and glare – and they can be used easily with other window treatments. Drapes are another great pairing for shutters in particular, offering a second protective layer against the Georgia sun.

Window Treatments For A Real Southern Style

Without getting too deep into classic Southern home architecture, many homes in our area have a few things in common: ties to history, open space for entertaining, and beautiful facades.

There’s no window treatment that matches the Southern style quite like plantation shutters. It’s even in the name – plantation shutters got their name for being so ubiquitous in big plantations and mansions across the South decades ago. As we mentioned, shutters can control temperature more effectively than other window treatments, and they are a natural fit to Southern style. Their solid lines and expert craftsmanship make them great accessories on a home with a big front porch, balustrades, or exposed woodwork.

Atlanta southern home exterior

And Polywood shutters are bought in white almost all the time for a reason. White is a perfect accessory color in Southern houses, as it reflects sunlight and adds an air of both comfort and style – ideal for any home in Atlanta or the greater Southern U.S.

Classic Southern Homes Deserve Beautiful Window Treatments

When it comes to combining style and practicality, shutters are the go-to window treatment for Southern homes. To see what shutters could look like in your home, schedule a free consultation the Sunburst Atlanta team. Call us at 404-962-8517 or complete out the form below for a free consult meeting with our window design experts.