How to Escape Common Mistakes When Buying Window Treatments in Atlanta

Dan Taylor

It doesn’t matter where in Atlanta you reside, window coverings are a needed part of your house. A good window treatment, such as a faux wood plantation shutter, adequately blocks sun glare, adds to the room’s decor, and hopefully increases energy-efficiency. Notwithstanding, the wrong covering can look terrible, operate poorly, and have to be replaced in a few years.

Before picking which window treatment will help your utility bills, improve your room’s aesthetics, and last for a lifetime, understand how to prevent common mistakes when buying window treatments in Atlanta.

Don’t Install Those Cheap Aluminum Blinds

Faux wood plantation shutters in Atlanta

In the long term, flimsy aluminum blinds simply don’t last. Most aluminum blinds have problems withstanding daily use. Slats can snap, cords can tear off, and wasting your time making sure they don’t open up uneven. The end result has you spending more cash on replacing aluminum blinds.

Consider an alternate window treatment that works better -- especially if you have animals or children. If you need blinds, wooden or faux wood blinds hold up better in Atlanta than their aluminum cousin. If you need even more sturdiness, look at Polywood® plantation shutters and their resistance to cracking, staining, or warping.

Standard Isn’t Always Standard

Hardwood plantation shutters in a nook

What surprises many homeowners in Atlanta is that one window treatment size fails to work in every window. You may have circle, oval, or octagon windows or have windows that don’t measure to a common dimension. For older houses in Atlanta, time may have made window openings that are no longer square. Sometimes, a store bought treatment won’t hang right, and you’ll have gaps around the pane.

Try not to shoehorn a treatment into your windows and instead order your window treatments custom-made. By using an expert, like Sunburst Shutters Atlanta, who’ll measure all your windows in a online or in-home consultation, you eliminate the hassle of guessing which size and shape are best. Now, your window covering fits snugly and works as intended.

Get Window Treatments That Support Longevity

Plantation shutters in a corner

Who likes replacing window treatments? On average, real wood blinds hold up better than aluminum blinds. Cellular shades, roller shades, and woven shades are fairly durable. Basswood plantation shutters are more durable than shades or blinds, and Polywood plantation shutters last the longest and have a lifetime warranty.

Polywood plantation shutters also blend into almost all design schemes, so when your design changes, your window treatment can stay the same. When you have to keep replacing a product over and over again, you are apt to repeat the same common mistakes when buying window treatments in Atlanta.

Have An Expert In Atlanta Install Your Window Coverings

Don’t think you have to go it alone when buying a window treatment and measuring every window. It’s best to use a professional to lead you through the process. Through an in-home or virtual consultation, you will see a plethora of products to see what fits your style and decor. Then, we’ll custom-craft your choice to fit your window exactly and professionally install it for you.

Sunburst Shutters Atlanta Can Save You From The Common Mistakes Of Buying Window Treatments In Atlanta

Call Sunburst Shutters Atlanta for a complimentary in-home or virtual consultation today and our friendly professionals will help you choose the right product for your house. Call 404-962-8517 or complete the form below. Our experts will listen to what you want and help you sidestep the common mistakes of buying window treatments In Atlanta.