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White polywood shutters in a sleek kitchen.

How To Clean Plantation Shutters In Atlanta

March 07, 2022

When you have been tasked with cleaning your whole home or ensuring your place organized for a get-together in select rooms, dusting your interior shutters in Atlanta is something that needs to be accomplished. If you use Polywood® shutters, washing is pretty easy. But how is it easy to maintain real wood or reclaimed wood interior shutters?

How To Clean Polywood Shutters In Atlanta

White Polywood shutters in a living room. 

Cleaning up your Atlanta Polywood shutters could not be any easier. You will not find any lasting colors lurking on faux-wood composite, so you do not require harsh detergents or soaps. Rather, here’s the stuff you will need to begin:

  • A wiping cloth
  • A mildly damp rag

Using your hand towel, clean each part of the treatments to get rid of most dust or dirt. For bigger smears or smudges, use a mildly damp towel to wipe them fresh. A barely damp rag is agreeable to utilize to clean the complete shutter, as Polywood is water-resistant. But it’s advised to dry your shutter after eradicating the mess.

How To Clean Wood Shutters In Atlanta

Dark wood shutters above a kitchen sink. 

While washing real wood shutters in Atlanta, you must take care not to do anything which might ruin the finish or display the natural sheen to water. So, you should want specific supplies to wash the shutters:

  • A clean hand towel (microfiber works best)
  • A forgiving, dry hand towel

To remove the dirt away from wood shutters, all that’s required is to give the shutter panels and frame a fast once-over with a washing cloth.

For cleaning smears, try wiping with a dry rag. You should not use a wet cloth. And never use a abrasive chemical washer, or else you may damage the finish of the material.

How To Clean Reclaimed Wood Shutters In Atlanta

Reclaimed wood shutters in a bathroom.

Reclaimed wood shutters may appear to be beast to wash, but truthfully, they’re completely easy. Here’s what you require:

  • A feather duster
  • A dry rag

For day-to-day cleaning, you will realize the most satisfaction from a gentle brush. By cleaning without a dish cloth, you shouldn’t have to worry about jagged corners or fragments. If you find any relentless dust that ruins the reclaimed wood look, pat it with a thicker rag. Don’t use any liquid or soaps on a reclaimed wood shutter.

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