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How To Choose A Plantation Shutter Frame In Atlanta

January 04, 2024

The frame is an essential part of your plantation shutters. It keeps the panels in place and finalizes the look of your shutters and window. But how can you select a frame that is right for your windows and looks good? Your window treatment specialist at Sunburst Shutters Atlanta will help you pick the perfect frame. Prior to your appointment, you can explore the possibilities for plantation shutter frames in Atlanta.

The Two Types Of Plantation Shutter Frame In Atlanta

Close up of a Polywood shutter Z frame

Interior shutter frames are available in two choices: Z-frames and L-frames. These designations refer to the frame pieces’ shape. L-frames feature a simple L shape. A Z-frame’s cross-section looks similar to the letter Z. Multiple factors will will help determine whether you need a Z- or L-frame.

You may install a Z-frame

  • Only for inside-mounted shutters
  • On round or arched windows
  • For the widest opening clearance
  • To hide less-than-perfect caulking
  • To cover up window angles that are askew
  • On windows that lack existing casing

Use interior shutter L-frames in your Atlanta home

  • For both inside- and outside-mounted shutters
  • When you already have trim around the window
  • If you would like to increase the depth of the window casing to provide more room for the shutter’s louvers to move

When To Choose An Outside- or Inside-Mount Frame

Outside-mount Polywood shutters on two bedroom windows

You also must decide between an inside- or outside-mounted frame. Outside options fasten to the wall surrounding your window. An inside mount fastens within the window opening and may sit level with the casing or decorative trim that fits around the outside of the window.

Whether you select an outside- or inside-mount plantation shutter frame in Atlanta generally is contingent on your window. You can install outside-mount options on the majority of windows. Use this style of frame to cover existing trim you don’t enjoy or add attractive trim to your windows. You also need to select an outside-mount frame for tilt-in windows and casement windows with a crank handle.

An inside-mounted frame may inhibit the function of these window types. However, they are excellent for deeper windows and projects where you would like to showcase the existing window trim. Your window treatment consultant can tell you what stye of shutter frame is most suitable for your windows and show you how they will look.

Selecting A Beautiful Frame Style To Complement Your Decor

Polywood shutters in a decorative frame above a couch

Once you learn what shape of frame you require and how to mount it, you can think about the style. Shutter frames are available in many styles, from flat to decorative, narrow, and wide. Choose one that speaks to your personal tastes. You may also take note of your home’s architecture. If you live in a Craftsman home, give thought to a Craftsman frame. Or you might select a frame that resembles your baseboards and crown molding.

Different lines of interior shutters offer different styles. For example, Polywood shutters are found in more options than Ovation® wood shutters. So, if you have your heart set on a certain shutter material, that will narrow down the number of frame options. Additionally, Sunburst’s Shutter Designer tool can demonstrate how different frames will look. After you find a frame you like, ask your window treatment specialist to help you order your custom shutters!

Browse Your Custom Interior Shutter Frame Possibilities At Sunburst

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