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Eyebrow Window Treatments Are No Longer a Challenge

January 06, 2017

Eyebrow windows are a kind of specialty windows which can be found in Atlanta homes and are a challenge to cover with window treatments because of to their shape. Their signature shape of being long and curved up top means that the traditional rectangular shape of blinds, draperies, and shades hide their curves and the architectural interest they bring to your home. So it’s best to find a window treatment that can be customized to your window’s shape. 

The Location, Size, and Function of Your Window

The first step in picking coverings for eyebrow windows is to consider your window’s function, location, and size. Large eyebrow windows in bedrooms or common areas should have some sort of covering to adjust for light as well as accentuate your home’s décor. Many similar windows in living areas are set on top of a larger rectangular window. So you may need a window treatment that protects and integrates both types of windows seamlessly.

Eyebrow window above door with shutters

If your windows happen to be mini dormers whose job is to let light into the attic, then it might not be necessary to add a window treatment unless you wish to add appeal to your home’s exterior. Though, if youreyebrow windows are larger or are in a heavily used room upstairs, you may want to think about covering them for privacy and light control.

Custom Plantation Shutters

Polywood® plantation shutters are our first choice for eyebrow windows. These shutters are able to be used on both upper eyebrow windows and lower square windows to give a coordinated look to your windows. Typically, the shutter louvers on the eyebrow window can either be arranged in a sunburst shape or horizontally. Every shutter we make is custom assembled to match any window’s curve using advanced templating technology.

Polywood shutters can be ordered in five shades of white and natural wood colors, and a number of paints to coordinate with your home’s décor. If you prefer a wood look, Ovation® plantation shutters are also able to be customized to fit eyebrow windows.

Window Film or Tint

Window film or tint can be added to eyebrow windows either by itself or alongside another window treatment. The window film will reduce the UV light coming through the windows to keep your belongings such as photographs and furniture from becoming washed out. One downside of window film is that it doesn’t offer as much privacy as other window treatments.

Get Perfect Window Treatments For Your Eyebrow Windows

Regardless of the exact shape of your eyebrow window, Sunburst Shutters Atlanta can help. Glance through our idea gallery for tips on accessorizing arched windows and give us a call at 404-962-8517 for a complimentary in-home consultation today.