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5 Uncomplicated Room Transformation Ideas For Atlanta Homes

February 22, 2024

Every Atlanta house should get a new look at some point. But you might lack the time and resources for a big undertaking. In that instance, choose a dull or dated room and start there. Quick improvements like new art pieces, an accent wall, or new window treatments can make a striking difference in a tired room. To inspire you, here are five effortless room transformation ideas for Atlanta homes.

#1: Put Up Or Switch Out The Art For A Different Look

A large art print on a dining room wall
It’s easy to give a room a new look simply by switching out the art. Art adds character, so select art that you enjoy but also adds visual interest or elegance to a space. You can bring in fresh colors or a different vibe by removing pieces you’re bored with and substituting them with something more current. With the many art forms to choose from, it’s not difficult to go from traditional to modern or contemporary to boho chic simply by refreshing what’s decorating your walls.

#2:Enhance Your View With Stylish Window Treatments

 Blue and white patterned Roman shades on a window overlooking the ocean

Concerning things hanging on your walls, window treatments are a second effortless room transformation idea for Atlanta homes. Our eyes are instinctively drawn to windows, so play them up with stylish window treatments. As with art, you have a multitude of options to pick from to achieve an aesthetic you like. You can pack a punch with vividly patterned fabric shades or create a refined sophistication with plantation shutters. You can even pair decorative curtains with a more practical treatment for a one-of-a-kind combination. Whichever window treatments you choose, always get them custom-made to ensure they fit your windows properly and look flawless.

#3: Change A Room’s Mood With Different Illumination

A dimly lit den with closed Polywood shutters on the window

Think about how you want to feel in the room. Animated? Peaceful? If the ambiance isn’t quite what you want in a room, change it with different lighting. Use shaded lamps and dimmable light bulbs for low light in spaces where you want to decompress. Uncovered light fixtures and high lumens bulbs illuminate where you work and play. 

Proper window treatments help, too. You might prefer blackout roller shades in your bedroom but sheer shades in a sunroom. If you require different light levels in a space, use premium window blinds or Polywood shutters that let you effortlessly switch between full sunshine, partial light, and darkness. 


#4: Make A Room Feel New With Some Fresh Paint

white kitchen with white polywood shutters

Some new paint helps any room look new. You can make a room look bold with bright colors on all sides or just paint an accent color.  If you desire a minimalist, chic look, go for natural tones. If you don’t want to paint the full room, think about painting a table or desk for your room transformation in Atlanta:

#5: Rearrange And Reorganize To Make A Room More Functional

A home office with white Polywood shutters

If you need a room for a new purpose, rearranging and reorganizing quickly achieves a room transformation in Atlanta. Change furniture around to accommodate the space’s activities. If you have children in your home, make open play spaces. If you invite friends over often these days, group chairs and sofas for sociable chats. An ignored guest room can be used as a hobby room or home gym after you move the bed out.

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