Simple And Memorable Family Home Improvement Projects

Dan Taylor

Including your family in on home improvement projects in Atlanta may seem impossible, but don’t let potential family drama block you. Any home improvement can become a fun and memorable experience when all ages can work together on a home improvement project. The trick is to select accessible home renovations where every person of the family can feel that they are making a worthwhile contribution.

From selecting window treatments to planting a flower or vegetable garden, here are just a few suggestions for fun family home improvement projects in Atlanta.

Choose Window Treatments And Alternative Home Renovations

Plantation shutters in a girls bedroom

When selecting your home update adventure with your family, oftentimes it’s best to begin with a home improvement that is small but impactful. Picking out window treatments together allows everyone to see the room and how little improvements can make a drastic difference.

When the family can agree on updates like brand-new window treatments, you can get more agreement on your home’s interior design. If there’s little buy-in, try selecting a stylish window shade that helps to add some flair to your children’s bedroom. Or start inside the family room with durable faux-wood plantation shutters that will stand up to some of the most energetic games of tag. In addition to style, brand-new window treatments could also provide economic benefits for your home – such as durability and energy efficiency.

Of course, you’ll want to get your window treatments customized using professionals like Sunburst Shutters Atlanta. During your in-home or virtual consultation, we can help your family pick out the right window treatment for each room. And while your window treatments are being outfitted and installed, your family can move on to other home improvement projects in Atlanta.

Introduce Some Plants and Flowers To Your Outdoor Space

With warmer weather provides additional time for you and your family to get some time enjoying the outdoors, and maybe taking advantage of your patio or spacious yard. Looking to increase your curb appeal? Try adding a raised flower bed to your outdoor living area for a easy DIY with a big return on investment.

Building a raised flower garden can be such a simple and enjoyable project that can incorporate a hint of color to your outdoor space and encourage all of your family to get involved. You should start by encouraging every family member to pick their own flower to add to the new flower garden.

Are flowers not your cup of tea? Look at creating a simple wood raised bed for a veggie garden. This can be put anywhere and serves as a beautiful addition with countless benefits. Additionally, you get fresh veggies for your family to enjoy.

Bring Out The Paint

Introducing paint to a room can completely liven up a space as well as being an exciting family home improvement project in Atlanta. Begin by deciding on the color -- children normally have strong ideas of the color they want to see on the walls. Then be sure everyone does have an individual brush and smock.

If you have a few small painters, consider cutting out the trim around the wall before bringing in the little ones to help. By chunking up the walls into small areas, you can ensure every family member has their individual work area that’s just the correct height.

If updating the paint in a room with your family doesn’t feel like a good idea, try painting outside by putting a new color of paint on the backyard fence that’s behind your home instead.

Renew The Furniture In Your Home

Plantation shutters in Atlanta

Reupholstering a favorite piece of furniture in your living room is an excellent way to renew worn furniture to a updated style. Just gather your favorite fabric, buy a staple gun, and bring a fresh appeal to an outdated relic. And it’s a project everyone in the family can help with.

Don’t end with chairs. Perhaps that outdated ottoman needs a facelift or your family room loveseat just isn’t your style. You could get a great deal of weekend projects from one roll of fabric! Best of all, if you don't like the final product, it’s simple to select another pattern and try it again.

Begin your First Family Home Improvement Project in Atlanta with Sunburst Shutters Atlanta

Eager to tackle your first easy and enjoyable family project with new window treatments? The knowledgeable friendly professionals at Sunburst Shutters Atlanta can help you pick out the custom solution that fits your home’s needs. Call today at 404-962-8517 or complete the form below to schedule your in-home or virtual design consultation.