Insulating Shutters Protect Atlanta Homes Year-Round

Dan Taylor

Plantation shutters on windows and door in Atlanta lounge

The weather is changing in Atlanta, which signals that it’s time to start on those home improvement projects that you’ve been thinking about. Beyond just cleaning and basic fixes around your house, now’s the time to think about how the changing weather might have an effect on your house in other ways, and what you can do to prepare your house for those changes.

From winterizing to spring cleaning, the spot where the changing weather might have the greatest effect is at your windows. Since they’re the primary conduits through which light and heat move into your home, controlling that flow with interior plantation shutters is a home maintenance project that can help you all year long.

How Weather Affects Your Home And Utilities

If it’s time to start getting ready for fall or winter, the most common home improvement projects have one goal in common: making life easier for your thermostat. Cooler weather makes almost every part of your home work more, from your HVAC systems to the pipes in your house, and you can ease their burden and your monthly bills in a few ways.

There are some simple things you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency, like installing weatherstripping and replacing your furnace filters. But unless you attend to your windows, you’re neglecting the largest source of heat transfer in your home.

Common Window Insulators for Cold Weather

Atlanta plantation shutters in entertainment room 

Every year we see stores around Atlanta beginning to carry the same winterizing products on the shelves: draft blockers, plastic window wrap, insulation and more. Though it’s true that these items are certainly more effective than nothing, they have some disadvantages. First, they’re short-term - so it’s an annual chore to buy them, put them up, and remove them once the temperature changes again.

Since they’re made to be taken down after some time, this brings the next issue: they’re usually fragile and are moved out of position easily, making them not terribly efficient. With simply tape or another adhesive holding them in place, all it takes is a slight nudge or a humid day to dislodge them. And don’t forget, these temporary treatments usually look gaudy or cut-rate, and nobody needs that.

That takes us to the alternative: a window covering which is permanent, eye-catching, resilient, and gives your home the insulating properties that those other products never could. That window treatment is Polywood® plantation shutters.

Polywood Plantation Shutters: Atlanta’s Best Insulating Window Covering

There isn’t a more effective way to block energy transfer through your windows than with Polywood plantation shutters. Polywood is the ultimate weatherproofing material, blocking nearly 30° of temperature and 45% of heat transfer. What’s more, Polywood is completely waterproof, so it doesn’t suffer like those temporary window insulators do if they encounter humidity.

Atlanta plantation shutter airflow diagram 

And unlike other common winterizing products, plantation shutters carry an upscale, lasting style that you’ll be proud to flaunt, no matter the season. The easily adjustable louvers give you total control, so as the climate changes each day, so can your degree of insulation.

Choose A Truly Energy Efficient Window Covering, Atlanta

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